Standing up against Racism

Standing up against Racism

In the name of God, merciful to all, compassionate to each! 

Many of us have observed with increasing consternation and dismay the events following the appalling murder of George Floyd, a tragic incident which is yet another example of the historic discrimination and racism that black people have and continue to suffer from. We pray for the family of the deceased and send our deepest and heartfelt condolences.

Islam – from its very scriptural basis – is clearly against racism and explicitly discusses issues of ethnic and colour difference, as well as the essential humanity that binds all of us together. The BBSI, however, recognises that prejudice and racial discrimination is widespread in societies and that proactive measures need to be taken to confront this issue.

Eradicating racism from our society will not be achieved by simple citations of scripture or identifying black Muslim figures in our history. We as the BBSI recognise that it requires deep introspection, learning and education, reaching out, listening to, and working with black communities, and religious transformation on an individual and communal level.

We, as imams, scholars and academics are dedicated to playing our part in this by providing spiritual leadership in standing against oppression and instilling Islamic values of concern and active respect for one another. We urge scholars and leaders in the community to do the same.

We pray for peace, justice and harmony for the world. And we implore the Almighty to shower us with His eternal grace and ceaseless mercy.

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