BBSI joins the National Solidarity Campaign

BBSI joins the National Solidarity Campaign

The Crisis

Covid-19 has sadly taken the lives of thousands globally and has virtually brought the way of life of billions of people to a standstill. The number of deaths in the UK continues to rise exponentially, as does the number of confirmed cases. Schools, shops, restaurants and cafés have been forced to shut down. Millions of people have been told to work from home, with strict measures introduced to ensure this. Many communities are finding themselves in precarious and vulnerable situations financially, emotionally and physically and without access to essential support.

The Need

Many households are at a high risk to the virus due to a range of factors, from multigenerational households, to health conditions. A high proportion of people affected by this crisis are reliant on income streams that have been heavily disrupted by the crisis, e.g. local tradesmen, self-employed, business owners, taxi drivers, and those with flexible work contracts. This impacts the entire population. There is an essential and immediate need for collective and coordinated action, and the MCF, together with the coalition of organisations and institutions have been working tirelessly to rise to this challenge and work together in our time of collective need.

The Solution

As a response to this unprecedented and devastating outbreak, leading Muslim charities from across the UK have united to pool their resources, skills and expertise ensuring that we can efficiently provide support to where it’s most needed. The needs of the UK population at this time are high, but through working together, we can overcome this challenge and ensure both that all communities are supported throughout the coming weeks and months of this crisis

However, we cannot do this without your help.  The time to act is now.

How will your donations be used?

Your donation will help us to ensure that:

Hardship Grants

We can help families and individuals who are facing significant financial hardship. This grant will give access to emergency funds so that those who are struggling are able to get the support they need to purchase their groceries, pay their bills, manage their debts and get assistance on paying any other living expenses.

  • £250 – Hardship grant could support a family for 1 week
  • £1,000 – Hardship grant could support a family for a whole month.

Community organisation grants (Solidarity grants)

We can help give community organisations the help they need to provide essentials to their community. Whether it be food provisions, or mental health support, or dog walking – many community organisations need our support to carry out this vital work. We will do everything we can in our commitment to reach those in need during this crisis.  Unity can and will beat this virus, eventually, but right now, we need your help to reach our goal of supporting others.

  • £2,500 – Solidarity grant could support an organisation in infrastructure, food supplies, medical supplies and safety kits for the community.

Please see the Launch Good page for the National Solidarity Campaign HERE

The BBSI is strongly encouraging all its national and global participants, as well as the Muslim communities to support this campaign.#TogetherWeCan provide people with the support they need.


This campaign has been brought together by the Muslim Charities Forum 

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