Waqf - Endowment Campaign

BBSI Waqf/Endowment initiative.

A Waqf is your Capital Gift or Benevolent Loan to Allah in the form of a charitable endowment. 100% of your donation is invested in an income producing capital asset, which remains intact and is never spent for any expense. Only the income generated i.e rental or profits from the capital investment is utilised for funding sustainable community and social development project or programmes.

A Waqf is:

• A Sustainable Development Institution,
• A Sadaqah Jariyyah,
• A Capital Gift to Allah,
• A Legacy for the Future,
• A Revival of the Sunnah,
• A beautiful Loan to Allah,
• A Social Responsibility Investment,
• A Dedication to Allah,
• An Ibadat,
• An Enduring Endowment,
• A Contribution to Nation-building, Poverty Alleviation, and Community Empowerment,
• Your Eternal Fountain of Generosity, Benevolence Waqf

Origins of Waqf:

“Ibn ‘Umar reported: “Umar acquired land in Khaibar. He came to Allah’s Messenger (saw) and sought his advice regarding it. He said: “Allah’s Messenger, I have acquired land in Khaibar. I have never acquired more valuable for me than this, so what do you command I do with it? Thereupon the Prophet (saw) said: If you like, you may keep the corpus intact and give its produce as Sadaqah. So ’Umar gave it as Sadaqah declaring that the property must no be sold or inherited or given away as gift. And ‘Umar devoted it to the poor, to the nearest of kin, to the emancipation of slaves, to wayfarers/guests, and in the way of Allah. (Muslim)

The above hadith set the precedent of our honourable Sahaba (r) and Muslim from all walks of life, over the centuries, to popularise the waqf system for any imaginable Shari’ah compliant purpose. This command of the Prophet (s) and the action ‘Umar (r) set into motion the first Social Development Waqf by means of an income producing economic asset.

Why the Waqf/Endowment? 

It will allow the vital work and objectives of the BBSI to run in a professional and proficient manner. It will provide a route to be a financially Independent body required to maintain its objectivity and clarity.

Goal of This Endowment Project.

The goal of this noble endowment project is to raise £500.0000 to purchase a commercial or a couple of rental properties in a location where the rental yields are high. Then the property will be leased to suitable tenants, and the revenue from the rent will be utilised to finance some of the projects of the BBSI.

Securing Your Investment.

The property (properties) will be secured under an endowment trust, ensuring that the principal amount is intact and only the rental income is used for the objectives of the waqf.